Bloom House

The owners of Bloom House, had a vision to optimize their family home for better space utilization and aesthetics. They approached Finucanes with a dream to convert their underutilized attic into a functional and beautiful living space. Our mission was to take their vision and transform it into a reality through a carefully planned and executed loft conversion.

Project Challenges

The project presented several challenges. First, the attic space was underutilized, and the challenge was to convert it into a functional living area that would seamlessly blend with the existing structure. Additionally, the family had a clear vision of the style they wanted, and it was essential to ensure the loft conversion not only served its purpose but also met their aesthetic preferences. Ensuring compliance with local building codes and regulations was another challenge, as it was a priority for a smooth and legal project execution.

The Results

The loft conversion not only added an additional living space to Bloom house but also significantly increased the property's value. The family now enjoys a spacious, beautiful, and functional master suite, complete with an en-suite bathroom and ample storage. This transformation has not only optimized their living space but also enhanced the aesthetics and comfort of their home.

The Bloom house loft conversion project is a testament to the ability of Finucanes to take a client's vision and turn it into a beautifully crafted reality. From space utilization to aesthetic considerations and regulatory compliance, our team successfully transformed an underutilized attic into a functional, elegant, and value-enhancing living space.

  • Date: 05.04.2022
  • Services: Loft Conversion
  • Location: Crouch End, North London